• Partygoers enjoying drinks on the beach

    Taste of Summer

    Make your summer celebrations unforgettable with our delicious Rosin-infused drinks. Perfectly crafted to enhance the festivities, our beverages add a refreshing and fun twist to the fireworks, friends, and freedom!

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  • Partygoers enjoying drinks on the beach

    Elevate Your BBQ

    Our delicious Rosin-infused drinks are perfectly crafted to complement your favorite grilled flavors. Our beverages offer a refreshing twist that turns any gathering into a celebration!

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  • Partygoers enjoying drinks on the beach

    Girls' Night Delight

    Transform your Girls’ Night Out with our all-natural, organic Rosin-infused drinks, crafted to add fun and relaxation to an evening of laughter, bonding, and memories!

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honeycat and IZZY and EZRA Products

What Makes Us Different?

Fastest-Acting Azuca Time Infusion

Imagined and Made in Massachusetts

All-Natural and Organic Ingredients

100% Solventless Hash Rosin

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The first hash rosin infused beverages in Massachusetts - and the fastest acting effect in the market

honeycat™ is inspired by a singular focus: to respect the flower and the people who consume our products. We place our values in the integrity of our ingredients, the strict adherence to process to ensure the highest quality, and simply, to create joy for our customers.

honeycat products
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Cold Brew

Crafted locally, our Peruvian Dark Roast cold brew coffee is infused with cannabis hash rosin for the ultimate combination. With less than 5 calories, warm your day up with a jolt of infused brew to awaken the senses and lift your spirits.

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Lemon Lime Soda Pop

Bursting with lemon-lime flavor, all-natural and organic juices, and less than 50 calories, this crafted bubbly treat will refresh and boost your moment. Great for the back porch or the beach, choose your own adventure with this superb soda pop.

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Classic Margarita

Blended to perfection with less than 70 calories, this sharp, refreshing blend balances the sweet and sour notes of citrus and lime zest with just a zap of ginger for a clean finish. Enjoy the magic of a hand-shaken craft cocktail anytime, just for you or together with friends.

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Dive into our social channels for the latest buzz and sneak peeks! Stay tuned for mouth-watering honeycat flavors that are in the works!

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At IZZY and EZRA, we are passionate about the art of baking. We skillfully craft our pastries with the fastest acting Hash Rosin infusion, promising an unforgettable experience. Committed to using all-natural and organic ingredients, meticulously extracted solventless rosin, and a variety of locally sourced components, our products lead the way into a new era of chemical-free rosin-infused enjoyment.

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Hash Rosin-Infused

Brownie Bites

THC: 50mg

Type: Hybrid

Indulge in pure bliss with IZZY and EZRA's™ Hash Rosin Infused Brownie Bites. Ten mouth-watering bite-size morsels, each infused with 5mg of the fastest-acting and highest-quality hash rosin. These bites will bring you back to the taste and feel of home-baked goodness.


IZZY and EZRA's Brownie Bites Bag



IZZY and EZRA's Macarons packages

Hash Rosin-Infused


THC: 25mg

Type: Hybrid

Escape to your happy place with IZZY and EZRA's™ Hash Rosin Infused Macarons. Five delicately crafted and carefully assembled French macarons each contain 5mg of the fastest-acting and highest-quality hash rosin. These luxurious delights are light and crisp on the outside and soft and decadent on the inside, bringing a French patisserie to your local dispensary.

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